Project Results / Deliverables

Project public report (May 2011)

Policy guidance documents (May 2011)

Workshop to propose TESS for SEA, SIA, EIA and land use decisions (May 2011)

Design of a Transactional Environmental Support System (May 2011)

Recommendations and guidelines on biodiversity trends (May 2011)

Case studies results (May 2011)

Database of SEA, SIA and EIA factors (May 2011)

Biodiversity trends associated with SEA, SIA and EIA practices (March 2011)

Project presentations (February 2011)

Project issue reports (November 2010)

Report on the types of model that exist (November 2010)

Database of models that relate species and incomes to land-use (November 2010)

Pan-European survey of assessment processes (July 2010)

Central and local information flows and decision making requirements (November 2009)

Model of information flows from local & regional to central (November 2009)

Local governance framework in TESS partner countries (November 2009)

Model of the local decision making process (November 2009)

Local and Government information workshop requirements (April 2009)