TESS: Transactional Environmental Support System   TESS: Transactional Environmental Support System
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Partners Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Faculty of Agriculture,
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
541 24

Contact person:
Professor Basil Manos

Tel.: +30 2310 998805-27
Fax: +30 2310 998828

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) was established in 1925. It is the largest University in Greece. Today, it accounts around 70,000 undergraduate students and 9,000 in postgraduate programmes in all fields of science and technology. There are 39 Schools currently in operation within AUTH, which are organized into 13 Faculties. Some indicative figures are: 1,600 administrative personnel and technical staff, 2,400 academic staff, 6,000 graduates per year, 110 post graduate courses, 550 Ph.D. per year.

During the last 12 years 4,500 programmes were implemented by AUTH, in which over 10,000 University staff and external co-operators have participated. Within the framework of these programmes, there has been extensive cooperation with Universities, research centres and other bodies in Greece and throughout Europe, as well as in other countries outside Europe.

The Faculty of Agriculture operated first in 1928. It is housed into the Building of the Faculty of Agriculture in the University Campus which lies in a central location of Thessaloniki. Some laboratories and other facilities are situated off campus at the University Farm. The Faculty of Agriculture has seven Departments. It offers 8 M.Sc. programs and Ph.D. programs.

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