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Szent Istvan University, Institute for Wildlife Conservation
Páter K. u. 1.

Contact person:
Dr. Miklos Heltai, Assoc.Prof. Deputy Director

Tel.: +36 28522086
Fax: +36 28420189

The Szent Istvan University is one of the largest univerities in Hungary. It is operating in Budapest, Godollo and Jaszbe¬reny, with a thousand teachers and two thousands other staff members, provide training for more than twenty-four thousand students. They can obtain university or college-level diplomas in 40 different undergraduate and graduate majors and a PhD degree in ten scientific fields. Eight hundred students come to us from different countries of the world. The Institute for Wildlife Conservation (IWC) is housed at the main campus in Godollo, situated 30 kilometers east of Budapest. The city of Godollo is the center for many agricultural agencies and enterprises. The IWC belongs to the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and its objectives are (1) to educate wildlife scienses and management at BSc and MSc level, and offers wildlife management in a postgraduate program; (2) to conduct a wide range of research programs basic to the management of wildlife resources. IWC emphasizes research related to specific management problems where results have a high probability of being applied; (3) to provide technical and scientific assistance to the governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations, which are important in improving management of the wildlife resources.

IWC’s activities cover all aspects of wildlife research, development, and innovation. As a university based institution projects are focused on programs that have a positive impact on the environment and use of renewable natural resources. During the last decade IWC has been running several research and development projects related to the environment, sustainable use of wildlife, and develapment of the national wildlife management database.