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Pro-Biodiversity Service,
Al. KEN 46/1
02-797 Warsaw

Contact person:
Zenon Tederko

Tel.: +48 510275210

PBS is a consultancy (NACE code 73 – Research & Development), established by Zenon Tederko, working on the basis of his professional background and experience, as well as on the basis of a readily available network of experts and cooperative relations with a number of governmental and non-governmental organizations. Due to the scope of Zenon’s professional engagement and experience gathered within the process of implementing IUCN programme and projects for over 12 years, areas of knowledge and experience cover the following fields:

  • Biodiversity, economics and finance of small and medium businesses in rural areas
  • Management of natural resources at local level in high-nature-value areas
  • Sustainable development of freshwater fisheries
  • Sustainable management and protection of private forests
  • Biodiversity aspects and criteria of afforestation projects and programmes
  • Development of environment friendly agriculture – low-input, integrated and organic
  • Agri-environmenta programmes development and implementation in new Member States
  • Integrating biodiversity protection concerns into other sectors’ policies and practices
  • Designing national ecological networks in the framework of pan-European Ecological Networks
  • Natura 2000 sites - development management plans and protection programmes
  • Environmental liability and environmental impact assessment