Partners ERENA, Ordenamento e Gestao de Recursos Naturais Ltd.

ERENA, Ordenamento e Gestao de Recursos Naturais Ltd,
Rua Robalo Gouveia, 1-1A
1900-392 Lisbon

Contact person:
Pedro Beja

Tel.: +351 21 7991110
Fax: +351 21 7991119

ERENA is a private enterprise (SME) established in 1987. It is among the foremost consultancies in Portugal in the areas of wildlife management, biodiversity monitoring and conservation, sustainable agriculture and forest management, and ecological economics. The policy of ERENA is to seek and promote the wise use of natural resources, in particular those related to agriculture and forests.

ERENA provides consultancy services rooted in a strong technical and scientific background, which provides the competences and skill to address a wide range of environmental problems. Because of this, ERENA has been involved in a growing number of challenging projects, providing practical and innovative solutions to foster the conservation of biodiversity and the sustainable use of natural resources. In particular, ERENA consultancy services include:

  • Land planning of Natural Parks and Reserves (e.g.: Santo Andre; Douro Internacional; Tejo Internacional; Estuario do Sado; Sapais de Castro Marim e Vila Real e Santo Antonio);
  • Regional conservation planning (e.g.: Algarve and Oeste e Vale do Tejo);
  • Development and monitoring of agi-envirnomental policies;
  • Environmental monitoring of large infra-structures (e.g.: roads and dams);
  • Sustainable integrated management of private farms;
  • Hunting management

To keep the pace with increasingly complex environmental problems, ERENA has created a Department of Applied Research in 1992. This Department combines elements of an active problem-oriented applied research, with the experience acquired in the day-to-day management of real situations in the countryside.