Partners Danube Delta National Institute for R&D

165, Babadag Street

Contact person:
Mr. Ion Navodaru

Tel.: + (40- 240) 531520/ 524546
Fax: + (40- 240) 533547

The Danube Delta National Institute for Research & Development (DDNI) provides scientific support for the management on the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (DDBR) and other wetland zones of national and international interest for biological diversity conservation and sustainable development. DDNI has strengthened considerably in the last years attracting international donor funds, which provide equipment and facilities of high standard (Conservation of Biodiversity in Danube delta - GEF project funded by World Bank). The DDNI has selected in 2000 as Centre of Excellence for Deltas and Wetlands, in Accompanying measures, FP5 project (DELWET). DDNI has consolidated its presence in ERA by its partnership in three RTD funded projects in FP6 (2 STREPS and 1 IP, thematic areas: "Sustainable development, Global exchange and Ecosystems" and "Research for Policy Support"). Research being carried out on habitat and ecosystem restoration is already of direct relevance to the EU, being used to inform planners for the restoration of polders in the Netherlands. Work being carried out on the conservation and restoration of sturgeon species in the Delta is being used to inform the programme for the restoration of sturgeons in the Rhine. DDNI is main scientific contractor of Ministry of Environment and Water Mamagement (MEWM) for implementation of "Natura 2000" network and Water Framework Directive in Romania.